Creating unique meta descriptions for SEO when using the Joomla! component EasyBlog

Friday, 27 April 2012 13:27 Written by  Ed
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If you use this Joomla! component you may well find that you have many duplicate meta descriptions entries.

To see if this is the case go to your Google webmaster tools (if you don’t have an account you should get one). Select the website under investigation. Click on the Diagnostics menu item on the dashboard and then HTML suggestions from the submenu. On this page you will see a section for Duplicate meta descriptions – click on this link to view a detail reports of any pages with have duplicate meta descriptions.

Many of this may be caused by EasyBlog. To remedy this situation from within the Joomla! backend under components select EasyBlog. Go to the Settings tab from within the component. By default you will be on the work flow menu. Choose the SEO tab. Here you will see some settings for meta data on the right.

You are given the option to automatically fill the meta description from the content of the blog (you can also do this for meta keywords although many do not bother with meta keywords these days). This sounds like a good option with less work for yourself and will create unique meta descriptions for each blog entry.

Alternatively you can edit the meta decriptions for each blog entry manually in two ways:

  • Go into the Blogs tab and select and individual blog entry – on the right you can edit the meta description
  • Or choose the Meta Tags tab – select and entry to edit the meta description

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