Creating unique meta descriptions for SEO when using the Joomla! component JReviews

Friday, 18 May 2012 13:32 Written by  Ed
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Avoiding duplicate meta descriptions on your website is desirable thing for your SEO efforts. If you are using JReviews you may have found that you are getting duplicate meta description errors in Google Webmaster tools.

For JReviews you can configure the title and meta data for each List Type. From within the JReviews component select List types Manager (under setup JReviews) you will see the list types you have created i.e. Mobile Phone, Radio, Recommended suppliers etc.

Select one of these and select the SEO Manager tab from Advanced Setup.

Here you can specify titles and meta data that will then be ‘inherited’ by the categories (in Categories Manager).
You can also supply meta data for each of the fields. Have a look at these two short articles to give you a better idea.,_meta_description_and_keywords#SEO_Manager

You can also edit the meta data for each individual Listing. Select Listings from the Browse menu in JReviews.  Select an individual Listing.

Now select the Metadata tab on the right.

Here you can specify the metadata for an individual listing.
Now we assume that by filling in the meta data for each List Type as described above, these fields will be automatically populated with that standard predefined meta data. You can then add to or adjust that meta data here to make it unique for each list.

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