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Great looking websites you can update yourself

We build great looking Google friendly websites that are based on some of the most popular Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Content management systems give you control of your website - you can update content, video, images, PDFs, etc, add new pages and menu items and add all sorts of powerful functionality to turn your website into an online marketing and sales tool.

We will match your requirements with the most suitable CMS - and because they're all Open Source the software itself is free of charge helping us to keep our costs down. Below we detail the CMS solutions we work with. If you'd like to know what would work best for your business just give us a call and we'll match your requirements to the most suitable solution.

Wordpress web design

Wordpress is an extremely popular CMS that grew out of the blogging market. It is one of the simplest content management systems available for basic websites although it does have a number of limitations. As it grew out of the blogging market it struggles when sites get larger or need more sophisticated functionality. We would recommended Wordpress for simple websites that aren't likely to grow in the future.

Joomla web design

Joomla is our preferred CMS as it is endlessly flexible, incredibly robust and in our eyes easier for customers to use than Worpress (although we are slightly biased as it's what our site is built on). Joomla provides a platform for pretty much any sort of website you could think of - whether a simple website or a full ecommerce solution that connects up your real world and virtual business. We have experience using Joomla! since 1.5 and continue developing new websites in version 3.0 and beyond!

Drupul web design

At the top of the tree sits Drupul. This is a very powerful and extremely sophisticated and enterprise ready solution that we personally believe is a bit of an overkill for most businesses. The key functionality you'll get with Drupul is in the administration - it's an excellent solution if you are a large organisation with lots of content editors and need to be able to run a staging server.

Magento web design

Magento is the new kid on the block of purpose built ecommerce content management systems. It's a very complex solution and whilst the software is (at the basic level) still Open Source it's a expensive solution to deploy. If you're a large retailer looking for the premier solution this is for you. If you don't expect to be the next Tesco or Amazon we'd suggest using Joomla and Virtuemart - still very sophisticated but much less expensive to deploy.

Other content management systems

There are many other excellent CMS solutions available but we feel the systems we use stand head and shoulders above the rest. If all of this is confusing don't worry - just give us a call and let us know your requirements and we'll pick a CMS that matches your needs.

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