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Spread the word with email marketing

Keeping in touch with customers through email marketing is a quick and cost effective method to keep you top of mind. We use various platforms to build and deliver HTML or plain text emails to your customer base.

We can add a 'sign-up' button to your website that helps to build a list of people to email or can use your existing content list. If you've built a website using the Joomla CMS we can add in an email marketing to the CMS itself. This is an extremely cost effective method of running email marketing campaigns (it's what we use - see the SEO newsletter sign up box at the bottom of this website).

Email marketing is great for spreading the word about offers, rewarding customers with discounts and promoting new products. By running email campaigns alongside other social media campaigns you can quickly build a following on social media sites such as Facebook, helping to create a snowball effect to kick start your online presence.

If you'd like to see an example of an email marketing campaign we've run contact us and we'll you forward an example of a newsletter.

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