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Optimise your website for viewing on mobile phones

More and more people are accessing the web using their mobile phones and this trend is set to increase quickly as more internet enabled mobile phones hit the market place.

One of the many benefits of using the Joomla content management system is we can build websites that are optimised to display on a mobile phone. Just let us know that you want your website optimised for mobile and we'll build this functionality in.

To make a website work well on a mobile the graphics are stripped out and the content is resized to fit the mobile screen whilst still being legible. The menu needs to operate in a different fashion to make it accessible to the smaller screen size. We make our websites work on handsets such as an iPhone, HTC and pretty much any other web enabled mobile that has a decent sized screen.

To see how a website looks when it's optimised for mobile try viewing this website with a web enabled mobile phone or for a quick preview scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the 'mobile version' button. 

Want to know more about how your website could be optimised for mobile? Contact us for a chat.

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