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Dordgne Property website live

Perigord Property is a new venture for native Brit Jon who has been building and converting houses in the Dordgne region for a decade. The website will be a one stop shop for Brits looking at buying property in the Dordogne region, chock full of essential information along with the property listings.

The website will specilise in the lower value properties that need work on them, from total wrecks through to run down farmhouses. That's not to say there won't be the odd property that you could move into tomorrow!

The website features full property management so visitors can view property details, prices, descriptions, a range of images and then add properties they like to a shortlist. The short list is accessible via a log in function.

The key selling point is the website isn't a straight forward estate agent site. Instead it makes the most out of Jon's vast knowledge of the region to become an information rich portal into all you need to know about buying property in France.

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