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Fountain Inn website goes live

Just in time for their New Years Eve celebrations The Fountain Inn Cambridge, another member of the Knight Pub Company, has gone live.

This website showcases some of the more interactive features we're adding into our websites. As a venue famous for its DJ nights the Fountain Inn website needed to promote new nights and provide a flavour of the music they'd be playing. We decided on integrating YouTube music videos into each individual DJ page, which will be updated monthly with fresh content. This provides a visually (and aurally!) interesting touch to the website and encourages visitors to come back to the site to check out the latest videos.

An online Google calendar is built into the site so new events can be added in simply by updating the Fountain's existing Google calendar - this can be done via a smart phone making updating the calendar nice and easy. Very useful for busy publicans!

Social media plays a big role on the website with an Facebook feed linking directly to hugely popular Fountain Inn Fan Page. New visitors can view the latest threads and 'Like' the Fountain simply by clicking the icon on the website, helping to add to the Fountain's 1,500 or so existing fans. A Twitter feed keeps the content fresh with minimal effort, moving the web site into a search engine friendly direction.

Standing alongside The Rupert Brooke website The Fountain Inn adds to a clean and unique brand look and feel, and we'd like to think really showcases the potential for building lovely looking and highly functional website with Joomla.

Interested in what we could do for your venue? Get in touch for a chat about what we offer.

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