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The power of blogging to create and distribute your message

A blog (web log) is a powerful tool for adding new content to your website and distributing it quickly and easily. We use a blog on this website to talk about what we do - at the moment mainly about search engine optimisation. A blog uses a certain format that makes it quick and easy to update. It can be based around anything you like but we suggest you think of it as a marketing tool for establishing your expertise in your industry. Not only does it help you get recognised as a 'thought leader' in your industry, it also adds lots of lovely search engine optimised content to your website that helps you rank well in the search engines.

The great thing with a blog is if people like what they read they can sign up to it using what's called an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed (this is the orange button on the top right of the screen on our blog). This will display the blog in a reader such as the Google Reader or embed it in their Google homepage. Whenever you update the blog it'll automatically update their reader so they can keep up to date with what you're blogging about.

You can also distribute your blog to a number of blog sites and blog search engines. We can show you how to add this functionality onto your blog. Your message will be widely distributed each time you add a new blog article. And if the content is good quality and relevant it can really boost both visits to your website and your search engine rankings.

It's the combination of great keyword rich content and the ability to distribute this content so widely that makes blogs so powerful.

We find most people are a bit stumped when it comes to thinking up what to blog about. We also find that after a bit of a chat about what they do it becomes apparent that they have a wealth of knowledge of their industry that will be extremely valuable to someone. Part of the trick of a good blog is to realise that the knowledge you take for granted will be new to someone who doesn't work in your industry. The knowledge you take for granted may be just the information someone else is looking for.

To see how we use our blog take a look (and sign up!). If you'd like this functionality added to your website contact us for a chat.

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