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seo-cambridge-smallOnce your website has been built it needs to be optimised to get found in the search engines. We offer a full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service to help your website get found in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our Cambridge SEO services have been built with small and medium businesses in mind, and once up and running will act as a far more powerful lead generator than any traditional advertising you could run.

SEO covers a number of different processes that all work together to make your website visible to your customers. There are four distinct phases to optimisation - setting up your website infrastructure to make sure it maximises any search engine optimisation; initial analysis to find out what keywords your customers are searching Google for; optimising individual pages for specific keywords; and finally what we do external to your website to link it into the rest of the internet. We've split these into the website audit, keyword analysison page and offpage optimisation.

We only use SEO methods that are approved by Google as trying to cheat the search engines can have some pretty serious consequences - your website could even be banned by Google which would scupper any chance of it being found by your customers. We believe in being absolutely upfront with you about what we do and what the results will be - there's no secret to SEO. Cambridge companies benefit by us being a local company and able to pop round and see you to advise on any online initiatives you may be considering and ensuring you always think about how these can benefit your search engine rankings. Essentially SEO is a mind set - it's about making small incremental changes as often as possible and being a Cambridge SEO company helps us keep in touch with you to advise where needed.

We offer advice and support on everything from online advertising, affiliate programmes, link exchanges to how to maximise the impact of social media marketing.

What we don't do is offer any guarantees that you'll be on page one of Google because the only way to guarantee this is to cheat. In reality we'll make sure that the keywords we select give you the best possible chance of getting found on page one, and a very good chance of being top of Google for your keywords.

Contact us for a chat about what our Cambridge SEO programme can offer you. We'd love to come out and see you and discuss your particular requirements.

Our approach covers:

 For some insights into SEO follow our blog which covers much of what we do to improve a website's ranking.


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