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Get found for the keywords your customers are searching for

The single most important part of search engine optimisation is picking the right keywords to compete for. Google (and Bing and Yahoo) work by displaying a list of search results based on how well they match the keywords searched for. We use various tools to find out what your customers are searching for and how much competition there is for these keywords. Once we've compiled a long list of potential keywords we'll work with you whittle these down to a few keywords for each page.

Keywords (or more likely keyphrases) will become central to all other search engine optimisation done both on and off your website. Every Time we submit your website to a directory or another website we'll build in your keywords. Through this process Google will start to see your website as more important for those keywords. This will only pay off if the keywords are relevant to your content. There's no point being a bike shop and trying to get found for web design - your content won't match up with the keywords you're pushing. Consistency is the key to successful search engine optimisation.

Once we've established the keywords to compete for we move onto the physical process of optimisation:

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