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Linking your website into the rest of the web

Offpage optimisation is the process of linking your website into the wider internet. Google uses the number and quality of websites that link to you (these are called back links as they point from another website to you) to calculate how important your site is. We offer a programme of link building which will connect you to various types of website, from directories to industry specific resources.

Our standard link building package will get your website plugged into the most important directories and key industry websites, such as dmoz, Yell and local directories such as cambridge online.

We also offer a more personalised service where we'll actively search out websites that are in your industry to build back links. This often involves reciprocal linking - you link to them in exchange for a link from them. We can add a links page to you website to keep all external web links in one place.

The next level of link building involves the social web - blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Whilst much of this is dealt with under the social media section of our website there's an important part of link building here.

We can help you to write and distribute articles that contain lots of your keywords. If these get picked up by blogs or other websites they'll link back to your website providing a potentially massive number of back links. This is an ongoing process and ideally should be done on a monthly basis to keep the number of back links to your website growing.

For full details of how we can help you get linked into the web please contact us for a chat.

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