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Ongoing search engine optimisation services

Once your website is optimised for a set of keywords it will start to move up the search engine rankings. The problem is you're always competing with other websites to be in the number one spot on Google. The only way to maintain a top position is to keep your website content fresh (Google loves new content and will start coming to your website more frequently if you regularly add new content) and continue to build new links to other websites. One of our favourite approaches is to use blogging and article writing to create valuable content that gets picked up by other people's websites. This is a fantastic method of generating high level quality backlinks to your website.

We offer an ongoing search engine optimisation service, which depending on your budget, involves ongoing link building and/or writing and distributing keyword rich articles for you. We offer these services on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or ad hoc basis - whatever fits your budget. 

We also offer a search engine optimisation review where will analyse your Google analytics data to work out how your customers are using your website. We can produce a detailed report listing how people are finding you, how long they stay on your website and what pages they visit. If we've set up website goals (a goal could be clicking on a contact form or buying a product) we can track what criteria these valuable customers had compared to other website visitors.

All told we can build as comprehensive, or simple, a report as you require.

To find out what we can offer contact us for a chat.

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