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Content management system training

To help you get the most out of your new content managed website we provide training when your website goes live to show you how to keep your site updated. Generally we prefer to do this in a face to face environment so you can ask us any questions and we can make sure you've got the hang of using the content management system.

Once you're up to speed on the system (and it really doesn't take long - usually an hour is plenty of time for training) we provide you with a 'cheat sheet' that explains the basics of logging onto your website and updating content.

To make life even easier we're currently producing a range of online training to show you how to keep your website content fresh. These are short Flash based videos that demonstrate how to do things like format content, add in hyperlinks, upload new images and many other administrative tasks. Whilst these don't replace the need for face to face to training they are really handy to remind you how to use the content management system.

If you'd like us to make a training video about a subject you keep forgetting just let us know.

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