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Online Joomla content management system training

To help you make the most out of your website we've built some e-learning lessons to show you how to use the Joomla content management system. These lessons will walk you through various aspects of using your Joomla content management system, such as updating content, adding new links and images and a number of other useful lessons.

To view the lessons you'll need the Shockwave Flash Player and speakers on your computer. Use the navigation bar at the bottom of the lessons to pause, rewind and fast forward.

We're still developing these lessons so there will be new content regularly available. The list below is all the lessons we'll be building - you'll only be able to click on links where the lesson is live.

Updating content

Images and photos

  • Adding a new image to a page
  • Updating an image
  • Adding photos to your photo gallery
  • Adding an image to your homepage image slider

News and offers

  • Adding a news article
  • Removing a news article
  • Updating offers

Menus and new pages

  • Adding a new page
  • Linking a new page to your menu


    If you'd like us to create some e-learning for a particular issue you're having with your website just let us know.

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