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The Joomla content management system

powered-by-joomlaWe build websites using the Joomla open source Content Management System (CMS). This is a powerful platform that enables us to build great looking Google friendly websites with incredible functionality. And as it's open source it's free software - so we can pass the savings onto you.

Don't be fooled into thinking that as it's free it doesn't stand up against (often very) expensive commercial content management systems - Joomla is built by a team of thousands of dedicated developers, and with over 200,000 users it's as much a part of the internet as Google.

We chose to use Joomla after extensive study of various types of CMS. The reason? It's dead easy for our customers to update their content and we can build beautiful websites using it that have powerful functionality. We love it, and are confident you will to.

When you check out other web design agencies ask them what sort of CMS they use. If it's a CMS they've built themselves ask them whether a different agency could work with it - you may want to move your website in the future and this may be tricky if the CMS is bespoke. If they don't use a CMS we'd strongly suggest you ask why - no CMS means every change you want to make will have to be made by the web design agency. And even if they don't charge you for the updates you'll have to wait.

To get a better understanding of Joomla visit the website and take a look around.

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