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Search engine friendly copywriting services

Content is king when it comes to the web. You could have the most beautiful and feature rich website available but if your content is poor it simply won't work. Google has little interest in how clever or flash your website is and strips out everything bar the structure and the words (copy). This means copy needs to be written with Google in mind, but still needs to read well for your human visitors.

The art of copywriting for the web is twofold.

  • On the one hand copy needs to be crisp and attention grabbing. The average web visitor will make up their mind whether they want to stay on your website in a matter of seconds. Paragraphs and sentences need to be kept short and succinct - waffling really doesn't add much value online.
  • The other aspect of writing good web copy is to write well optimised copy. This means including the keywords you want to be found for in the copy. As an example one of our clients (a pub in Cambridge) wanted to be found in Google for the search term "Cambridge pub" as this attracted many thousands of clicks a month. This keyword needed to be included in the copy of the website so Google would pick it up and start ranking the website for the term.

The problem here is balancing what Google wants to see (the keywords) with what you want a human visitor to read (nice crisp copy). This is where we can help.

We've a track record in writing great search engine optimised web copy that reads beautifully for your human visitors too. We can help you write as much, or as little, of your web copy as you require.

We can optimise existing copy as part of our search engine optimisation process, or we can start from scratch if you're building a new website.

All told we've been writing web copy for well over fifteen years and have become rather good at balancing the needs of the search engines with the need for real human readable copy.

Interested in what we can offer you? Why not call us on 01223 415871 or send us an email.

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