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Exceptional hosting for your website

We offer rock solid web hosting via Storm Internet, a hosting company based in the UK. Storm Internet provide us with exceptional hosting with a 99.8% uptime service level agreement and are in the top 10 for website uptime. When you host with us you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands and not being hosted in a cupboard under the stairs (it happens).

To see how our server is doing you can monitor it via Hyperspin, a company providing independent server monitoring. We're hosted on LinSrv102.

We also offer all our customers a full back up and update service, so if anything goes horribly wrong with your website we can reinstate the backed up version in seconds. This is all included in our annual hosting fee.

If you have any questions, or want to host your website yourself, just give us a call. Do bear in mind that to host a Joomla website you'll need to use the following type of server and software:

Linux server running:

Software Recommended Minimum
PHP 5.2 + 4.3.10
MySQL 4.1.x + 3.23


2.x + 1.3






*(with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib)

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