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Fine tune your website for search engine optimisation

Your website needs to be fine tuned to really maximise the benefit of any search engine optimisation. We run a website audit to check what stage your website is at. When we build websites they are already pretty well optimised but there are a number of changes that we offer under our search engine optimisation programme to get them really finely optimised.

Page speed is a measure of how quickly your website loads. There are a number of factors that can affect this, from a poor quality web host to using to many badly optimised graphics. Google likes websites that load quickly as they provide a better quality browsing experience and may penalise you if your website is very slow.

Xml website map (xml is a programming language that Google understands) that will automatically update Google of any changes to your website. This makes sure any new content you add to your website gets found quickly and gets indexed by Google.

Canonical URLs, or in plain English making sure that there's only one homepage. When most websites are built there will be a and a This confuses Google and can get you penalised for having duplicate content. Something Google doesn't take too kindly to.

Custom 404 error pages so if somebody mistypes you web address they get a nice error page that looks like part of your website rather then a default error page.

Privacy policy - Google checks whether your website has a privacy policy and will rank your website better with one.

Search Engine Friendly URLs (Uniform Resource Locator - or your We make these into human readable URLs so they'll end in /home /products, etc rather than having a computer generated page name. This is important for search engine optimisation as it reflects the content of your webpage.

Google analytics is added to track and understand how your customers use your website. Google analytics is a powerful tool provided for free. We'll help you get the most out of it. For more information see our page on Google analytics.

For full details on our search engine optimisation infrastructure changes please contact us for a chat.

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